Counselling is all about you, and your thoughts and feelings. However, I completely understand that you’d want to know more about me before you consider getting in touch.

I live in St Albans with my partner and our boisterous son, who’s always a bundle of energy. Prior to working in mental health I spent many fruitless, yet occasionally fun, years working in marketing and communications in Hertfordshire and London.

If I have any spare time, I’m easily pleased and enjoy eating tiramisu and looking at clothes I can’t afford on Instagram. Should I manage to leave St Albans then it would ideally be for some 80s music and a sunny holiday in Italy.

I really love what I do. Occasionally people ask whether I find it depressing or lonely working as a counsellor. And I can honestly say no, never. Quite the opposite. Seeing a client go from confused, low in self-esteem and struggling with confidence to feeling content, focused and ready for the future, really is one of the most fulfilling experiences.

Women’s self-esteem became my specialism about 5 years ago, when I had an a-ha moment. I noticed that nearly all my female clients were in counselling because they felt ‘not good enough’. Not attractive enough, not worthy enough and not intelligent enough. These feelings were holding them back from living the life they wanted, and causing them to dismiss their dreams and ambitions.

But self-esteem challenges generally respond very well to counselling, and by the time we’d completed our work together I’d see my clients leave with renewed self-esteem, greater self-compassion and a feeling of being     comfortable and confident in their own identity. It was, and still is, amazing work and I hope I can do it until I retire.

Professional qualifications

My first experience in mental health was volunteering as a listener for the Samaritans, nearly 20 years ago, back in my home town of Norfolk. 

 Since then I’ve achieved a degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies (Bsc Hons); a diploma in Integrative Counselling and I’m registered with the BACP – the professional body for therapists and counsellors within the UK (MBACP).

I’ve also been fortunate to work as a counsellor for many wonderful organisations including Marie Curie Hospice, Mind in Mid Herts and of course the wonderful NHS.

Currently, alongside my private practice, I work part time for the NHS and Mind in Mid Herts, delivering goal focused therapy in GPs surgeries throughout St Albans.

And finally, because I’m so passionate about positive mental health (and also a trained journalist), I occasionally write articles for magazines. I’ve written for Psychologies, Soul & Spirit, Optimum Nutrition and many others.