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Woman with long brown hair and eyes closed, enjoying her pasta salad.

Weight loss and self-esteem

Walking round our beautifully blossomed park last week, I suggested to my friend that we take a coffee and cake break. She suddenly seemed sheepish. “I can’t do a cinnamon bun,” she confessed “I need to lose weight.” And she said it in such a weird, whispery, intense voice, that I thought she’d just disclosed … Read more

Amy Schumer in a black dress with blonde hair on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Women’s Gynaecological Health and its impact on self-esteem

Gynaecological health and self esteem hit the headlines recently courtesy of the comedian and actress Amy Schumer. Following her appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show, viewers noticed her face seemed puffier than usual. And because it’s a woman’s appearance being analysed, many felt compelled to comment loudly and publicly on social media. By way of … Read more

In Pursuit of Happiness by Stacey Duguid. Book review.

Book review: In pursuit of happiness

If you’re feeling like your life’s a mess – mayhem all around, not enough money to pay the bills and mental health hanging by a hair’s breadth – then In Pursuit of Happiness will chime with you. Written by fashion journalist Stacey Duguid, it’s an unflinching account of her battles with self-esteem. Starting with her … Read more

Safeguarding your self-esteem

When people talk about boosting self-esteem they often refer to new haircuts, long bubble baths and, lately, eating more protein. All of these things have their place, especially if they bring you comfort and pleasure. But they’re not enough. Because your self-esteem is constantly under attack, the process of safeguarding your self-esteem needs to happen … Read more

Mean girls and how to manage them

It was my birthday last week, so among the many treats I enjoyed (namely Korean skincare, a browse in Waterstones, and a visit to Viet Cafe) I also went to the cinema to see Mean Girls. And, as I was watching the bitching, backstabbing and big dance numbers, I wondered whether mean girls ever actually … Read more

Celia Jarvis, with blonde hair in a bun, wearing a blue dress, and navy cashmere shrug 8 months pregnant and smiling at the camera.

Birth trauma – have your say

As a counsellor it comes with the turf that I rarely talk about myself. Never in a session, and only occasionally on my website. That’s because psychotherapy is all about you – the client. And me chiming in with my own experiences could be irritating or stifling, rather than reassuring. However, I’m about to make … Read more

Pregnant woman posing in silhouette by a window.

Mental health in pregnancy – new download available

Hands up: who managed to blossom and bloom throughout their entire pregnancy? If your hand is still firmly by your side, then you’re very much not alone. And that’s why I created this new Mental Health in Pregnancy Download. Because pregnancy is tough on our mental health, hard on our bodies, and a torment to … Read more

A picture of the front cover of the white hardback book You Could Make This Place Beautiful on a dark wooden table

Book Review: You Could Make This Place Beautiful

When I was younger, and watched Neighbours religiously, I thought I knew everything possible about affairs. Upon discovery of a romantic wrongdoing in Ramsey Street there would be tears, door slamming, and bitter recriminations. But then the cheating partner, fortunately always with somewhere to go, would leave. And that would be that. The marriage done, … Read more

Creating a meaningful Christmas

Christmas can be challenging for so many reasons. Even when life is going along smoothly, the festive season is far from the fun filled love-in we imagine it to be. In fact it can often be laced with fatigue, frustration and family tensions. But even in the midst of this emotional overwhelm, it’s possible to … Read more

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The Pressure on Women to be Fuckable

There are as many pressures on women as there are demands on their time – building a career, managing money, deciding whether to have children, and if so with whom. And now beyond all this, there’s a new and pervasive pressure mixed in the pot; to be fuckable. Previously, being fuckable was solely the premise … Read more

People pleasing and low self-esteem

The term ‘people pleasing’ sounds so pleasant. It conjures up affability, kindness and a respect for your fellow human beings. What could be wrong with that? Well, quite a lot actually. Because people pleasing tends to go hand in hand with low self-esteem, and the subsequent feelings of frustration and irritation. After all, it’s hard … Read more

Elise Loehnen's hot pink book, On Our Best Behaviour against a sheepskin rug.

Book Review: On Our Best Behaviour

There’s no denying that girls walk a thin, winding and poorly lit path on their journey to womanhood. The demands stack up like a game of Tetris. Be hardworking but not overly ambitious; make the best of yourself but don’t veer into vanity. Never become a ‘pick me’ girl, but beware! Assertiveness is equally unattractive. … Read more