Why your counsellor won’t give you advice

A friend of mine recently attended her first counselling session, and then returned dismayed, disappointed and down-heartened because her counsellor didn’t give her any advice. She complained, loud and long, that she’d paid upwards of £50 a session, and come away with nothing. Not even a crumpled leaflet. Far from empathising with her plight, I … Read more

The danger of toxic spiritual psychology

Yesterday, while browsing Facebook I came across this post. And it’s a perfect illustration of toxic spiritual psychology. On the surface, this post seems fine. It offers a comforting, reassuring, and seemingly practical way to feel better. After all, what’s easier than thinking thoughts of joy and believing the universe will send yet more good … Read more

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Friendship Counselling – all you need to know

In the Summer of 2017, seemingly before friendship counselling existed, I wrote an article called Forever Friends?  Within it I explored ending a friendship, and suggested an attitude of peaceful acceptance.  After all, I wrote “Not all friendships are meant to last forever.” Four years on, and now I’m aware that friendship counselling exists, I disagree … Read more

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Find a great counsellor in 5 easy steps

Last month I decided to return to therapy, but this time as a client. Lockdown has been hard for me, as it has for many. The drudgery of days spent looking at the same four walls has taken its toll on my wellbeing and I was ready for some outside support. I started my search … Read more