Woman with long blonde hair, black coat and peach trousers smiling at the camera. In the background is a theme park like Disney Land.

Why your looks don’t matter as much as you think

You’re probably already familiar with pretty privilege. A catchy term that describes the benefits of being considered conventionally attractive. How people will want to get to know you, grant you favours, and even assume you’re a friendly, outgoing and honest person -simply because you’re good looking. After all, who can deny that prettiness has a … Read more

Woman with long brown hair and eyes closed, enjoying her pasta salad.

Weight loss and self-esteem

Walking round our beautifully blossomed park last week, I suggested to my friend that we take a coffee and cake break. She suddenly seemed sheepish. “I can’t do a cinnamon bun,” she confessed “I need to lose weight.” And she said it in such a weird, whispery, intense voice, that I thought she’d just disclosed … Read more