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Book review: I’m glad my mom died

Toxic relationships – they’re quite a heavy going topic, aren’t they? And never more so than if that traumatic relationship is with your mum. A person who’s meant to protect you, prize you and put you above all others. In fact even when we know our mum has a negative influence on our mental wellbeing, … Read more

The secret to self love

Pop superstar, Miley Cyrus has reignited the conversation around self love following the release of her song Flowers. While the tune is as swinging and melodic as you’d expect from Miley, it’s the lyrics which are a masterclass in knowing your worth. In fact Flowers really does contain the secret to self love – which … Read more

Celia Jarvis, 3 tips to finding a counsellor that's right for you

Vlog: Choosing a counsellor in 3 easy steps

Choosing a counsellor, can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many therapists out there, that it can feel impossible to pick the right one. Googling can be hit and miss, and counselling directories can send you into an eternal scroll. To help make the process a little easier, I’ve created this vlog on choosing … Read more

photograph of a counsellor in a sessiom

Counselling FAQs – everything you ever wanted to know

When I reflect on my first experience of counselling, it really was a case of gathering up all my courage and hoping for the best. I took a leap of faith and, luckily for me, it turned out beautifully. In fact it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for my mental health. So, … Read more

How to date and manage your self esteem

Dating should be great fun – meeting new people, getting a bit of romance, pushing your sexual boundaries – whatever you fancy. But all too often the reality is that dating can damage our self esteem. A study by the Western Sydney University found that using swipe based dating apps, such as Tinder and Bumble, … Read more

Post achievement comedown? 3 steps to beat it

Ever gotten something you’ve really wanted? Something you’ve dreamed about, schemed about and worked your socks off for? And then finally when it’s all yours, you feel…nothing. Instead of elation, there’s only numbness, flatness and confusion. That’s post achievement comedown, better known as PAC. And it can be confusing, sad and even scary. If this … Read more

Book review: Get Divorced Be Happy

Hear the words, ‘single parent’ and what does it conjure up for you? Struggles with money, a frantic woman failing to cope with feral children, or the loss of a fairy tale future? Such negative views of single motherhood can play their part in keeping us stuck in relationships that aren’t working. The conscious or … Read more

Fashion, self expression and mental health

This week, it’s London Fashion week (16th – 21st September). A huge event in the sartorial calendar. And although I’m not a massive follower of fashion myself, I do appreciate it as a form of self expression. Just look at Rhianna’s street style. The bold colours, daring hemline and creative styling all suggesting a woman … Read more

Book review: Know your worth by Anna Mathur

Which celebrity’s got good self esteem, do you think? Could it be Kim Kardashian with her body confidence? Greta Thunberg with her fierce and fearless speeches or Victoria Beckham’s drive and determination? Taking her from Spice Girl to international fashion designer within one lifetime. The answer is: It could be all of them. Or none … Read more

4 Surprising reasons we stay in unhappy relationships

“No man ever threw away life while it was worth keeping.” said philosopher David Hume. Although he was talking about suicide, he could just as easily have been referring to staying in an unhappy relationship. Home working throughout the pandemic has proven to be a real relationship wrecker. Research from law firm Stewarts, showed a … Read more

Why your counsellor won’t give you advice

A friend of mine recently attended her first counselling session, and then returned dismayed, disappointed and down-heartened because her counsellor didn’t give her any advice. She complained, loud and long, that she’d paid upwards of £50 a session, and come away with nothing. Not even a crumpled leaflet. Far from empathising with her plight, I … Read more

3 ways to manage a therapy hangover

Every Tuesday evening I go and see my counsellor. He is a skillful, compassionate and generally excellent therapist. At the end of our sessions together, I feel better. Better for having spoken about my feelings, faced my fears and explored my emotions. But the next day… The next day is often awful. I am weepy, … Read more