Self Esteem

three of Chanel's designs (one white ball gown, black tuxedo suit and black taffeta strapless gown) photographed at the Chanel: Fashion Manifesto exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Personal Style and self-esteem

You’d never guess it to look at me, but fashion is a micro-passion of mine. So last week I travelled to the capital to see not one, but two, fashion exhibitions. Gabrielle Chanel: Fashion Manifesto and Fashion City: How Jewish Londoners Shaped Global Style. Despite my passion, I’m aware that not everyone’s a fan of … Read more

Woman with long brown hair and eyes closed, enjoying her pasta salad.

Weight loss and self-esteem

Walking round our beautifully blossomed park last week, I suggested to my friend that we take a coffee and cake break. She suddenly seemed sheepish. “I can’t do a cinnamon bun,” she confessed “I need to lose weight.” And she said it in such a weird, whispery, intense voice, that I thought she’d just disclosed … Read more

Amy Schumer in a black dress with blonde hair on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Women’s Gynaecological Health and its impact on self-esteem

Gynaecological health and self esteem hit the headlines recently courtesy of the comedian and actress Amy Schumer. Following her appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show, viewers noticed her face seemed puffier than usual. And because it’s a woman’s appearance being analysed, many felt compelled to comment loudly and publicly on social media. By way of … Read more

Safeguarding your self-esteem

When people talk about boosting self-esteem they often refer to new haircuts, long bubble baths and, lately, eating more protein. All of these things have their place, especially if they bring you comfort and pleasure. But they’re not enough. Because your self-esteem is constantly under attack, the process of safeguarding your self-esteem needs to happen … Read more

Mean girls and how to manage them

It was my birthday last week, so among the many treats I enjoyed (namely Korean skincare, a browse in Waterstones, and a visit to Viet Cafe) I also went to the cinema to see Mean Girls. And, as I was watching the bitching, backstabbing and big dance numbers, I wondered whether mean girls ever actually … Read more

Woman in black top with mid blonde hair pouting at the camera.

The Pressure on Women to be Fuckable

There are as many pressures on women as there are demands on their time – building a career, managing money, deciding whether to have children, and if so with whom. And now beyond all this, there’s a new and pervasive pressure mixed in the pot; to be fuckable. Previously, being fuckable was solely the premise … Read more

New self-esteem downloadable available

Self-esteem is such a wide ranging subject, that to serve you better I’ve been busy creating some easy-to-read downloadables. All of them specifically focused on a common self esteem challenges. And I’ve kicked off this new content with a ten page guide on the topic of divorce and separation. There can’t be many of us … Read more

Blonde woman, in white vest top and sunglasses taking a selfie.

Managing your self-esteem on social media

As part of World Mental Health Week, Meghan Markle’s been sharing her thoughts on social media. Specifically, how to make it, “Safer, better and more positive.” And it certainly sounds a worthy ambition. Because although social media can be fun, the facts remain that it’s frequently harmful to mental health and self-esteem. Recent research, carried … Read more

Woman standing in bikini, in blue sea in front of rocks,

Beware the beach body narrative

Even writing the term beach body gives me waves of nausea. It feels retrogressive. Like I’ve time travelled back to 2005 and the thin, blonde women from The Hills and Hollyoaks are the only beauty ideals in town. It reminds me of a time when women’s magazines promoted rapid weight loss diets (Reveal a Goddess … Read more

Mother holding a young child in a lavender field,

Childcare and your Summer holiday self-esteem

Drum roll please – in just two short days the summer holidays will begin. And for six long weeks mums (and dads) across the land will be spending more time with their little darlings. How do you feel about this? Excited, pressured, anxious or just full of dread? Whatever your initial emotions, let me reassure … Read more

Anger and self esteem: 3 ways to manage it

If I were forced to choose between feeling angry or sad, I’d opt for anger in an instant. Bring on the red mist, the white hot rage, the blind fury. I prefer the energy of anger. I love its sense of righteousness. The motivation it gives me to get things done, and its currency for … Read more

Woman with young children either side, looking at her mobile and seeming stressed.

The price of perfectionism

Are you buckling under the pressure to be perfect? If so, you’re not alone. Many good women have fallen under the weight of this unfair expectation. There’s an implicit belief that to be loved, to be worthy of praise and acceptance we must excel in all areas of our life. A flawless appearance, cherubic children … Read more