Self-esteem Downloadables

Keeping your self-regard high and your self-worth stable, can be a challenge at the best of times. But there are particular life events, like: divorce, separation, pregnancy, infidelity, job loss, motherhood and menopause, which can cause even the healthiest self-esteem to wobble and waver.

So, I’ve put together a range of free downloadables to help you handle the most common self-esteem saboteurs. I don’t claim these will cure, but I do believe they’ll help.

Each downloadable is 10 pages long, easy to print off and keep. It’s filled with evidence backed tips, inspiring celebrity quotes, links to helpful organisations, and a round-up of useful resources to support your self-esteem.

If you have a request for a downloadable then email

And if you’re interested in self-esteem, but unsure where to start, then my blog is a wealth of information. It’s updated weekly and has vlogs, blogs and new articles on both self esteem and counselling


Managing Divorce & Separation

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Support in pregnancy

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