Book Review

Toxic by Sarah Ditum. A look back at the noughties and how unfairly female celebrities were treated.

Book review: Toxic by Sarah Ditum

Are you feeling brave today? Fearless, even? Sure? Then grab my hand and I’ll take you back to the early noughties. But I hope you don’t scare easy, because the new millennium was a terrifying time for young women. The term abuse of power wasn’t yet in every day parlance. There was scant awareness of … Read more

In Pursuit of Happiness by Stacey Duguid. Book review.

Book review: In pursuit of happiness

If you’re feeling like your life’s a mess – mayhem all around, not enough money to pay the bills and mental health hanging by a hair’s breadth – then In Pursuit of Happiness will chime with you. Written by fashion journalist Stacey Duguid, it’s an unflinching account of her battles with self-esteem. Starting with her … Read more

A picture of the front cover of the white hardback book You Could Make This Place Beautiful on a dark wooden table

Book Review: You Could Make This Place Beautiful

When I was younger, and watched Neighbours religiously, I thought I knew everything possible about affairs. Upon discovery of a romantic wrongdoing in Ramsey Street there would be tears, door slamming, and bitter recriminations. But then the cheating partner, fortunately always with somewhere to go, would leave. And that would be that. The marriage done, … Read more

Elise Loehnen's hot pink book, On Our Best Behaviour against a sheepskin rug.

Book Review: On Our Best Behaviour

There’s no denying that girls walk a thin, winding and poorly lit path on their journey to womanhood. The demands stack up like a game of Tetris. Be hardworking but not overly ambitious; make the best of yourself but don’t veer into vanity. Never become a ‘pick me’ girl, but beware! Assertiveness is equally unattractive. … Read more

Book review: Self-Made

While I was training as a therapist the idea of ‘self’ was front and centre. We discussed it constantly in the classroom, and throughout counselling placements. In fact, I’d guess, I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading, theorising and considering the concept of identity. But, it wasn’t until the birth of my son that I really … Read more

Picture of the book Brave Not Perfect, with ha red cover and white, looping writing against a sunset.

Book review: Brave not Perfect

After a lovely, long August away I am back; feeling refreshed, and ready to return to my counselling practice. Everyone knows a good book is as essential to that holiday feeling as a cocktail on the beach. And I got lucky with my summer read: Brave Not Perfect by Reshma Saujani. I found the writing … Read more

Picture of the book The Selfish Romantic, with its pastel pink and blue front cover, surrounded by red rose petals.

Book Review: The Selfish Romantic by Michelle Elman

Sometimes, as a counsellor, a book ends up in my hands and I want, desperately, to throw it across the room. Not because it’s boring or badly edited, but because I wish I’d written it myself. And this is the case with The Selfish Romantic by Michelle Elman. It may be a sign of the … Read more

Book Review: Flourish by Antonia Case

What did I expect from Flourish by Antonia Case, before I began reading? Judging by the title, and the uplifting abstract on the cover, I imagined it would be a how-to guide, distilling good advice and directing me on the finer points of thriving in my own life. Possibly, it would remind me to drink … Read more

Book Review: Ugly Giving us back our beauty standards

I grew up immersed in the world of magazines. From my first flick through Jackie, aged nine, to my present-day fondness for Psychologies and Grazia. There’s something about the aspirational imagery, the smell of print on high-sheen pages, and the promise they offer, that I find so very soothing. But magazines are much maligned, and … Read more

Book review: Feeling ‘Blah’? by Tanith Carey

In the interest of full disclosure, I read ‘Feeling Blah’? by Tanith Carey, while on holiday. And with the sun on my body, and barely a thought in my head, I was feeling far from blah. Nevertheless, blah is a feeling that I am somewhat familiar with, through my clients. It’s the feeling of numbness … Read more

Book review: I’m glad my mom died

Toxic relationships – they’re quite a heavy going topic, aren’t they? And never more so than if that traumatic relationship is with your mum. A person who’s meant to protect you, prize you and put you above all others. In fact even when we know our mum has a negative influence on our mental wellbeing, … Read more

Book review: Get Divorced Be Happy

Hear the words, ‘single parent’ and what does it conjure up for you? Struggles with money, a frantic woman failing to cope with feral children, or the loss of a fairy tale future? Such negative views of single motherhood can play their part in keeping us stuck in relationships that aren’t working. The conscious or … Read more