3 tips to picking a counsellor who’s perfect for you

The leaves are turning orange, the weather is considerably cooler and just yesterday I spotted a woman wearing both Ugg boots and a plaid shirt. She wasn’t yet kicking the leaves as she walked, but Autumn is definitely here. And, for some reason, this season always coincides with a massive uplift in enquiries from clients. It’s a trend I’ve noticed, but never completely known why.

Perhaps it’s that new school year – new start feeling. Or maybe, after a long, lazy summer, we’re all ready to turn our attention back to our mental wellbeing.

Or, it could be, as some of my counselling colleagues suggest, that those summer days spent in the pockets of our partner and loved ones have proved to be far from plain sailing. And now it’s time to see a wellbeing professional.

Whatever the reason, if you’re considering therapy then picking the perfect counsellor for you is a big deal.

To help you in your quest, I’ve created this video which summarises what to look for in a counsellor. Going to see a new therapist for the first time is a nerve wracking experience. It takes a lot of courage and vulnerability. And because of this it’s not necessarily an experience that you want to repeat too often.

So, if you’re ready to pick a counsellor who’s perfect for you, then grab a pumpkin latte and take a look.

If you’ve watched the video, and have more questions circling round your head then check out my FAQs. They cover everything to do with counselling and therapy. Or, if you’re interested in counselling with me then I offer a free, 30 minute discovery call so you can decide if I’m the perfect counsellor for you.

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