New self-esteem downloadable available

Woman with short hair and glasses sitting on her bed looking at her laptop.

Self-esteem is such a wide ranging subject, that to serve you better I’ve been busy creating some easy-to-read downloadables. All of them specifically focused on a common self esteem challenges. And I’ve kicked off this new content with a ten page guide on the topic of divorce and separation. There can’t be many of us who haven’t experienced the pain of a relationship split. And the resulting overwhelm as our self-esteem falls to the floor and we wonder how we’re ever going to cope. That’s where my self-esteem downloadable can provide some support.

All of them will be ten pages long. Clear, easy to read (I’m a trained journalist, you know) and packed with guidance and great advice. They are available free of charge, and I’m planning to add new content regularly. So pop back when you can. My next guide will be a self-esteem downloadable on pregnancy and the impact this can have on our physical and mental wellbeing, plus tips on how to manage it.

If there are any topics you’d particularly love to see a downloadable on, then share below, or email me directly.

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