Mental health in pregnancy – new download available

Hands up: who managed to blossom and bloom throughout their entire pregnancy? If your hand is still firmly by your side, then you’re very much not alone. And that’s why I created this new Mental Health in Pregnancy Download. Because pregnancy is tough on our mental health, hard on our bodies, and a torment to our sense of self. But you’d never believe this was the case from the images that surround us. Beaming mothers proudly displaying their burgeoning bumps. A beatific smile lighting their pretty face, and a handsome husband holding their hand. Just like our lovely couple on the left.

In reality bad morning sickness can meld into constant low mood. And doubts can creep in as to whether pregnancy is the right path. Previous miscarriages can create a constant sense of fear, grief and anxiety which can be carried over until after the birth. It’s safe to say, that most people find the first trimester of pregnancy incredibly difficult. Yet this feeling is often shrouded in shame and secrecy.

So, to help make this tough time a little better for you, I’ve created a ten page downloadable on mental health in pregnancy. It’s packed with guidance on managing those first few months, so you feel less alone and overwhelmed. And if you want extra support, I’ve signposted to some excellent organisations that specialise in mental health for mothers to-be.

As ever, if you have any questions about mental health in pregnancy then I’m always happy to answer them. I’m a trained and experienced counsellor who specialises in self-esteem, so you’re in safe hands. And, if there’s another downloadble you want to see then email with your suggestion. And I’ll see what I can do.

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